Assets and Partners

Ingenbohl, Switzerland

20 Megawatt
Netz: EW Schwyz / CKW
TSO: Swissgrid

The battery project is a purely privately financed initiative, which is implemented without public assistance and free of subsidies.

The first megabattery of MW Storage is financed by a Swiss investment foundation and two cantonal banks.


Kerava, Finland

Currently in realization
20 Megawatt
TSO: Fingrid


Siemens Smart Infrastructure is our partner for the intelligent control and optimization of industrial operations.

Statement of Christian Spengler / Vice President

A viable customer projects consists of a smart technical solution wich is complemented by a innovative financing solution. 

Statement of Peter Halliday / Vice President

Financial solutions from MW Storage has proven a key difference in providing viable solutions for our customers. 

Fluence Energy is our supplier for battery storage systems.

Statement of Jan Teichmann / Vice President

We are pleased to work with a leading clean energy financier like MW Storage. Together, we are driving the global energy transformation by developing innovative commercial structures that make energy storage available to more customers and attractive to new classes of investors.